Chap Fans,



Welcome to the Westlake High School official booster club supporting all UIL sports and athletes.  We have a long history of athletic success at Westlake made possible by donors like you.  As you know, district funds do not meet the needs of our premier and competitive athletic program.  Your financial support fills in the gap across all Athletics to pay for:


  1. COACH SUPPORT -  our coaches are teachers first.   Chap Club contributes money to help pay stipends for the High School and Middle School Coaches as well as their training and professional membership fees 
  2. TEAM TRAVEL - Chap Club pays for one overnight trip for each varsity team
  4. WEIGHT ROOMS for both the High School and Middle School
  5. SPECIAL TEAM REQUESTS - uniforms, team bags, tennis ball machine, baseball scoreboard, Jumbotron, etc…


Please help Westlake continue to help our teams and athletes reach their full potential.  It is not possible without you.

Thank you for your support,


Tom and Stephanie Rousseau

Chap Club Presidents 2016-2017